Wixom Historical Society

Founded in 1975 to preserve the history of Wixom and promote an understanding of the city's heritage.

Our Goals

  1. Maintaining the Wixom Wire House as a local museum.
  2. Collecting, archiving, and conserving artifacts and written materials related to the city’s history.
  3. Increasing the community’s knowledge of local history through educational programs.
  4. Building the Society’s membership and fostering community involvement.
  5. Identifying and implementing additional methods of preserving our city’s past.

Upcoming Programs and Events

  • January 2024 @ 7:00 PMTBA – TBA
  • Monday, February 19, 2024 @ 7:00 PMRussell Dore presents: Harry & Bess Truman – Wixom Community Center, 49015 Pontiac Tr.
  • Monday, March 20, 2024 @ 7:00 PMTBA – Wixom City Hall 49045 Pontiac Tr.
  • Friday & Saturday, May date TBA 2024 from 9 AM till 5 PMWixom Historical Society Rummage Sale – Gibson House 49805 Pontiac Tr.
  • Sunday, August 13, 2023 from 2 till 4 PMGarden Party – Wixom-Wire House, Southwest corner of Wixom & Maple Rds.
  • September 2024 Freemasons Buried in Wixom Cemetery: A Self-Guided Tour – pamphlets available at the Wixom-Wire House, Southwest corner of Wixom & Maple Rds.
  • Monday, October 23, 2023 @ 7:00 PMRussell Dore presents: They Put America In the Air; Wright Brothers, Bill Boeing & Donald Douglas – Wixom Community Center, 49015 Pontiac Tr.
  • All evenings in December 2023, 6 till 10 PMWindows to Christmas – Gibson House 49805 Pontiac Tr.
  • Friday, December date TBA @ time TBAOpen House – Gibson House, 49805 Pontiac Tr.

Board of Directors

  • President; Publicity Chairperson – Nancy Dingeldey
  • Vice President; Website Contact – Laure Dorchak
  • Secretary; Newsletter Editor – Jackie Coulter
  • Treasurer – Kathy Matusik
  • Trustee – Graham Bennett
  • Trustee – Nancy Bennett
  • Trustee – Leo Matusik
  • Trustee – Laurie Acunsius
  • Trustee – Sarah Zalewski
  • Trustee; Master Gardener – MaryAnn Chupa
  • Trustee – Linda Sadlier
  • Emeritus Member of the WHS Board – Bertha King

Announcements and Updates

We will provide the most current information about upcoming events and programs on this web page. Come here for the latest details.

The Wixom Historical Society has identified members of the Freemasons and Eastern Star who are buried in Wixom Cemetery and have the logo on their grave markers. We’ve compiled a list of names with locations of their graves. You will find copies of the list in the pamphlet holder near the door of the Wixom-Wire House. Please take a copy, and use it for a self-guided tour in the cemetery.

We are happy to announce that on Monday, October 23 @ 7 PM at the Wixom Community Center, Russell Dore returns to Wixom for another one of his popular presentations “The Wright Brothers, Bill Boeing and Donald Douglas- They Put America in the Air.” Entertaining and intriguing, an evening you definitely will enjoy. Please arrive early for best seats. There is ample parking available.

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